I was chatting with parents who are thinking of having me help their son, Sean. He is a senior in high school and has no firm plans on what to do after graduation. Currently, he is thinking of applying to college because his friends are. He would get a business degree because that is a good “general’ degree. Sean is also considering going to trade school. 

Sean’s parents feel anxious about his future, with good reason. All these years leading up to the final finish line – – providing their teen with a successful life, one where he is in a job that he loves and can support himself and live a happy, independent life. Plus, they don’t want to waste money on tuition and other fees if he doesn’t choose the right path.

The parents want help to get Sean on the right track. But like anything, they questioned spending the money on working with me. The husband told his wife, “We have spent so much money on sports events, coaching, and conditioning. Planning for his future is the most important coaching we can invest in him.”

We parents spend thousands of dollars on our teens for tutors, sports registrations, band fees, and coaches to help them improve their performance, plus all the associated travel and food costs for these events. Yet, when it comes to helping our teens plan for the future, we have difficulty justifying the cost. Why is that? 

I believe it’s because we didn’t need one when we were starting out, or at least we thought we didn’t need one. We all find our path, eventually. I went from Marine Biologist to Fundraising to my true path of Training and Development. I got on this path at 24 when my dad encouraged me to see a career counselor. I was living at home, crying because I hated my fundraising job so much and didn’t know what to do. 

I hear from others who found their paths in their 30s, 40s, or 50s. I have talked to many older adults who are still trying to find their path, the career that will light them up.

So what is the big deal? Why do parents need to consider investing in coaching for their teen to find their best career and educational path? 

The reality is that student loan debt is in the trillions of dollars. Many people with student loan debt aren’t even in a career for which they received a degree.

We push our kids to go to college because that’s what we think they should do. We believe college = success. Yet, studies show that two-thirds of college graduates struggle to launch their careers, leaving teens feeling like a failure.

The guidance counselors at high schools cannot provide one-on-one attention to their students. Most public high schools have one guidance counselor for 300+ students. They can’t sit with your teen, get to know them, and help them map their future.

Planning is Power when it comes to figuring out your teen’s future. A career and educational coach can help you do this. Here are the benefits of investing in a coach for your teen:

Save money – the investment now will save the chances of your teen losing scholarship money because their grades are bad or they drop out, and the thousands of dollars you spent on tuition are down the drain, never to return. An educational coach will identify the best career options for your teen, and they’ll consider the job outlook, salary, and education needed.

Save Time – The higher education industry is a multi-million dollar industry, and there is no one guidebook for navigating through the process. You can spend countless hours figuring it out independently or invest in a coach to walk you and your teen through the process. 

Knowing What’s Best – As parents, we think we know what’s best for our kids. But the reality is that we don’t always know. Each of us has talents and abilities that we don’t even know. This is especially true for teens. A career and educational coach will use scientifically proven methods to help your teen see their true potential. 

Peace of Mind – Most teens are wired to resist advice from their parents. I know my kids are, at times. There are arguments, eye-rolling, and doors slamming when you try to talk to them about their future. All the teens I work with say it’s nice to talk and work with someone else to help them figure out their future. One of my recent teen clients said, “you have taught me a process that I can use for the rest of my life in making career decisions.” 

Are you a parent of a sophomore, junior, or senior who is unsure of what to do after graduation? Do you feel helpless in not knowing how to guide them? Schedule a complimentary college assessment plan call with me. We will discuss you and your teen’s hopes, any obstacles getting in the way, and solutions to get you and your teen on the right track.