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Answers to Common FAQs About Teen Career Planning

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Imagine being able to identify and nurture your teenager’s natural strengths, helping them choose a career they will truly love and can plan for after high school. With My Ideal College, you can eliminate the guesswork and ease the stress around choosing the right college or trade school, writing essays, securing loans, paying tuition, and making informed decisions about your post-high school education. Our program will help uncover your teen’s potential and set them on a path that empowers their success with confidence.

**Unlock Your Teen’s Career Potential!**

Say Goodbye to Career Confusion and Student Loan Stress.

Are you tired of the struggle, trying to figure out what your teen should study in college? Or even if the right path for them is college? You’re not alone. Many parents and teenagers grapple with this monumental decision. But here’s the truth: Your 17-year-old can absolutely know what career they want, and I’ve got the answer.

Did you know that 40% of college degree holders feel like they’re not using their degrees, and 28% can’t find a job in their field of study? That’s not the future you envision for your teen, is it? Especially considering the burden of student loans that often accompany college education.

**Get the most out of your money!**

Bridge the gap of confusion and save your sanity!

My Ideal College helps to relieve this frustration by helping your high school and college students identify careers they will love while helping them pick the best major, trade school, or certification.

Ready to take the first step? Schedule a complimentary College Assessment Plan call with us today and set your teen on the path to a brighter future. It’s time to make work something they truly enjoy and ditch the struggle for you and your teen? It’s easier to go to work each day when you have a job you love.

What’s Your Career Path?

What’s My Major?

Navigating the college journey can be overwhelming, especially when it comes to choosing a major. At My Ideal College, we’re here to support you every step of the way. Why Choose My Ideal College as your ultimate solution?

What’s My Trade?

Is trade school the right choice for every teen? Absolutely not. At My Ideal College, we firmly believe that parents should guide their children towards careers they naturally enjoy and focus on their strengths. How do we support this?


Paul K.


Laurie did an excellent job simplifying and talking through the topics that all of us parents wrestle with.

Sue Ridge


Eric is really a good kid and I think your evaluations made him feel worthwhile again, so money well spent.

Emma Busbee


Laurie really helps those who aren’t sure what they want their future profession to be or those who don’t know what they enjoy doing. It really gave me a clearer insight for types of jobs I would be happy and do well in. It also helped me to make a definite list of colleges that had great programs for professions that I would enjoy. 

Meet Laurie Genevish

Laurie Genevish, the dynamic President and Founder of My Ideal College, renowned for her expertise in guiding parents and students through the pivotal decisions surrounding education and career choices.

With over two decades of corporate experience, Laurie excels in utilizing assessment technology to coach, hire, develop, and retain employees in roles they genuinely love. Having worked with esteemed companies such as Penske, Freshii, Marlin Leasing, and HeatTek, she now focuses on empowering young adults to make informed choices for their future.

Laurie’s mission is to redefine the “student debt” narrative and equip graduates for careers that align with their educational investments. Her background in workforce analysis, talent development, coaching, and speaking provides unique insights into what companies seek in new hires and college graduates.

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