As parents, we want our kids to have a career they love, yet we also want them to be able to live on their own and pay the bills. Research shows if your job contains at least 75% of what you naturally like to do, you will be THREE TIMES more successful. How do we accomplish this? How do we know, especially as a teen, that a specific career will bring that success? 

We only know our interests based on exposure. We try to get our kids involved in many different activities to help them find their passion – sports, arts, STEM, to name a few. However, there are only so many hours in a day and thousands of different careers. There is a one and a million chance you expose them to the career of their dreams.

This is why conducting the RIGHT career assessments is so vital. Assessments can shine a light on thousands of careers in less time than it takes to make dinner.

My goal is to help teens find careers that they will love and have a job outlook and salary that will meet their needs. In addition, my team and I want to teach students how to network with professionals in their chosen career paths. This skill is critical because it could lead to internships, jobs, and other unexpected and unique opportunities.

My interview with The 100 Year Lifestyle will help you navigate the career and college journey with unique insights to ease the stress and make the results more rewarding for everyone. Enjoy the interview and share it with everyone you know who has or will soon have a college-bound kid.

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