You and your teen have taken every step to research colleges – – you made a list, took campus tours, sat in on some classes, and asked all kinds of questions.

It’s now time for your teen to decide where to apply. 

Parents often ask, how many college applications should my teen submit. Five to eight schools is a good range, though there is no magic number. Applying to fewer colleges is okay too. Don’t waste your time and money applying to schools that aren’t a good fit for your kid or don’t really interest them. Remember, there is a fee for every application submitted which can get costly. The average cost to apply is $50 per school, so applying to eight schools would cost around $400 in application fees. That’s a lot of money when you add them all up!

So what determines if a specific college is the right fit for your teen? Here is what you should consider:

  • Major – does the school offer the major your teen is interested in? What is the school’s graduation rate for that major? 
  • Internships – what is the quality of internships the school offers? Do they provide real job experience?
  • Companies that Recruit – What companies recruit students from that college and major? 
  • Distance from Home – What is the most desirable distance for your teen? Do they want to live nearby or an airplane flight away?
  • Class Size – Does your teen need more attention, or do they perform well in a class with many students?
  • Extracurriculars – What activities does the school offer that interest your teen? 
  • Job Opportunities – If your teen wants to work while in school, what is the job market like for that city? There will likely be more opportunities in a city versus a smaller town.
  • Cost – How much will it cost to attend that school, and can you afford it? 

Many families choose a college solely on name recognition or their acclaimed sports team. Don’t choose a school based on those criteria unless your teen is planning to play football or another sport the school is known for. There are many excellent colleges out there, and you want to choose one that will truly help your teen succeed after graduation. 

We can help you and your teen narrow down all the options. Our Take Action package offers a customized college book outlining your teen’s schools of interest, the advantages and disadvantages of each school, and what you can expect to pay. Parents and teens are wowed by the information we provide that helps them make an informed decision. 

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