Our Approach

Proven Success

The Numbers Don’t Lie

Research shows if your job contains at least 75% of what you naturally like to do to, you will be THREE TIMES more successful. It makes sense, right?


It Makes Sense, Right?

How do we do this? How do we know, especially as a teen, that a specific career will bring that success?

You only know your interests based on what you are exposed to. As parents we try to get our kids involved in many different activities to help them find their passion – sports, arts, STEM, just to name a few. However, there are only so many hours in day and thousands of different careers there is a one and a million chance you expose them to the career of their dreams.

This is why conducting the RIGHT career assessments is so vital. Assessments can shine a light on thousands of careers in less than time it takes to make dinner. My Ideal College uses Harrison Assessments to successfully help teens quickly narrow down their options. Jobs in the Harrison system include – Film/Television Director, Salesperson, Commercial Diver, Electronic Drafter, Geophysicist, Welder, and hundreds more. There are over 650 jobs in the Harrison system. You can click here to see a sample Career Options report.

Career Exploration

The primary purpose of education after high school is to get your teen in a career that they will thrive personally and financially. Yet, we still send our kids to college with not a clear direction, thus significantly increasing the chances of you getting a call from your teen saying, “I want to change my major, again.” Think of additional thousands of dollars those words to do your hard-earned savings.” Some teens don’t even need to go to a traditional college degree to get into a career that they love and thrive in.

The Career Exploration package will take your teen from “I don’t know what I want to do.’ to “I have a clear path that I am excited about and made real connections for potential opportunities.”

Take Action Package

You are confident that your teen knows the career they want to pursue. They need a college degree for it. Now you want to make sure you find the right college at the right price. You want to avoid going into debt and dipping into your retirement to pay for your teen’s education.

The Take Action package will save you money and countless hours of doing this on your own. We will provide a customized report based on your student’s career goals and your financial needs to help you make the best decision and not go into debt.

Fast Track Package

Your teen is a senior. The clock is ticking to graduation. They are unsure of what they want to do. Your teen needs guidance NOW and QUICKLY. The Fast Track package is a half-day program where we work with your teen to identify careers they will thrive in and the education to get them there.

Benefits For Your Teen

  • Clear idea of what careers they want to pursue
  • Job outlook and salary of those careers
  • Institutions that provide the education for those careers
  • Understanding of their greatest strengths and how to utilize them in their college essay and for internship/job interviews
  • Information on where and how to find people to talk top professionals to interview in the careers they are interested in their careers of interest

For You

  • Save time and money when touring colleges by only focusing on the ones your teen should consider
  • Confidence when writing those large tuition checks
  • Peace of mind that your teen has thoroughly researched and considered their options and they have a solid plan