I recently met a mom whose son is starting his first year in college. I congratulated her on his accomplishments. Then I asked out of curiosity, “What’s he majoring in?” 

She replied, “Oh, we don’t know. Plus, how can a 17-year-old know what career they want?” 

Actually, it is very much possible for them to know, and I have the answer.

Many teens don’t know what to study in college. It’s been that way for a long time. Some of us got lucky when we were teens and stumbled upon our career paths. Others went to college, chose a major, graduated, and got a job.

According to Finder.com, 40% of people with college degrees don’t feel like they’re using their degrees, and 28% can’t find a job in their field of study.

Is that the dream you have for your teen? Most likely, no.

For many college students, their attending college includes student loans. Enrolling as undecided and changing majors can increase the amount of those loans. How long will they have to work to get out of debt? And how much longer will it seem if they’re working in a field they don’t enjoy? 

What if you and your teen were able to objectively learn their natural strengths and behaviors and apply them to careers before they decide what college to attend and which major to choose?

At My Ideal College, we use the Harrison Work Preferences questionnaire with our clients. It’s a 20-minute behavioral questionnaire that identifies your teen’s natural strengths and behaviors.

Your teen’s strengths may reveal he scores high in Human Resources roles, as well as a Political Scientist and a Film Producer. Each person’s strengths and behaviors combine to show a wide variety of jobs in which they could be successful.

After the assessment, we work with your teen to understand why those jobs are a good fit. We examine the job outlook, salary, and education needed for those careers, which helps narrow down the options. This information is critical because your teen doesn’t want to choose a career in which he can’t afford to live on his own. 

Another dilemma for many parents is discovering their teen needs a graduate or doctoral degree to achieve their dream job. I can’t tell you how many parents have said their teen changed paths after college graduation because they didn’t know that even more schooling (and tuition) would be necessary.

Let’s get a plan in place for your teen now. 

My Ideal College isn’t about putting your teen in a box. It’s about working from a place of strength, so your teen has the confidence to be the best in their chosen career.

Parents tell me, “I wish you were around when I was going through this process as a teen. I didn’t know what I wanted to do, and it took a long time to figure it out. I wish I could’ve avoided the struggle and had a way to quickly narrow down my career options to get on the right path.”

Want to ditch the struggle for you and your teen?  Schedule a complimentary College Assessment Plan call with me and get off on the right foot today. It’s easier to go to work each day when you have a job you love.