It’s hard to believe that summer break will soon come to an end for most families. As the start of a new school year gets closer, we wonder where the time went and think about all the things we wanted to do over the summer. If you follow my posts, you know I talked about how summertime is the perfect time to work on post-high school planning. 

Maybe you had the best intentions this summer: tour college campuses, write the application essay, research career options, and so on. But as always, life happens – family vacations, your teen’s work schedule, or just wanting to enjoy the time off from academics.

So, now what do you? How do you get back on track? First, take a deep breath. 

Next, assess where you are in the process. Respond Yes or No to the following statements:

  • We have a system in which we regularly document accomplishments, awards, volunteer hours, and grades.
  • We are confident in the career options our teen has decided to pursue.
  • We know what educational opportunities are for the careers our teen wants to pursue.
  • We know all the scholarship opportunities and how much we will need to pay for the education.
  • We are confident that our teenager can easily get applications in on time with ease. 

If you mostly answered No to these questions, you and your teen can benefit from a career and educational coach.

Planning is power when it comes to figuring out your teen’s future. A career and educational coach like My Ideal College can help you do this. Here are the benefits of investing in a coach for your teen:

Save money – the investment now will save the chances of your teen changing majors or dropping out of college, and the thousands of dollars you spent on tuition are down the drain, never to return. An educational coach will identify the best career options for your teen. Plus, they’ll consider the job outlook, salary, and education needed.

Save Time – The higher education industry is a multi-million dollar industry, and there is no one guidebook for navigating through the process. You can spend countless hours figuring it out on your own or invest in a coach to walk you and your teen through the process. 

Knowing What’s Best – We think we know what’s best for our teens. But in reality, they have abilities and talents we don’t even recognize. A career and educational coach will use scientifically proven methods to help your teen see their true potential. 

Peace of Mind – Most teens resist advice from their parents. There are often arguments, eye-rolling, and doors slamming when discussing their future. All the teens I work with say it’s nice to talk and work with someone else to help them figure out their future. A past teen client said, “you have taught me a process that I can use the rest of my life in making career decisions.” 

Planning for the future is critical for high school students. Those four years fly by, and you don’t want them heading into senior year with panic and anxiety trying to figure out what to do after graduation. My Ideal College can take your teen from “I don’t know what I want to do.’ to “I have a clear path that I am excited about and made real connections for potential opportunities.”

Ready to get started? Schedule a free College Assessment Plan call with me today to kickstart your teen’s post-high school planning.