As a parent, you know that helping your teen plan their path after high school can be overwhelming and complex. According to the National Center for Education Statistics, more than one-third of college students change their majors, leading to additional time and cost. Moreover, a lack of guidance in high school toward the student’s passions and interests can result in additional general education courses. The anxiety of making the right decision for your teen’s future can be daunting. 

Many parents realize that figuring out what their teen wants to do after high school is much more complex than when they went through this process. 

Consider these facts:

  • More than half of students are not confident with their career path when entering college.
  • College Tuition has risen more than the inflation rate.
  • A delay in choosing a major adds two to three semesters to the student’s graduation date.

This is where I can help. Here are the three top reasons parents hire me to guide their teens through this pivotal decision.

Firstly, to alleviate future uncertainty and anxiety. Most teens are concerned about making a wrong decision and screwing up their life. By working with me, I take the overwhelm out of planning and guide your teen through a simple and easy process, backed by research data, that matches their natural behaviors, strengths, and interests. 

Secondly, parents seek my guidance to help their high school students find the ideal college that aligns with their interests, strengths, and future goals while also considering the affordability aspect. I also assist in navigating college applications and essays for high school seniors, taking the stress off the parents.

“Before working with Laurie and her team, I was super stressed out about my daughter’s college admissions applications and associated essays. Ensuring she kept on top of those deadlines, including scholarships and grants, was way too much for me, especially knowing how our children don’t always listen to what we, as parents, say to them. I decided to hire Laurie. After hiring Laurie, a HUGE weight was lifted off my shoulders! My daughter was in contact with her and her team throughout the process. She had other adults holding her accountable and guiding her through it all. Game changer for both of us and our household!”

Lastly, I work with teens to help them develop critical skills and behaviors like networking, communication, and self-motivation. They will not only identify their career path but also learn how to have informational interviews, become networking machines, and independently succeed. 

Working with a young teen who was painfully shy, I encouraged her mom to sit in on our calls. After the second session, the mom realized Elana needed to do this independently to succeed.  In working with me, not only did Elana identify a career path she loved, but she became a networking machine when I taught her how to have informational interviews. 

Investing in your teen’s future is not just about their immediate educational choices but also laying a robust foundation for a fulfilling and successful career journey ahead. 

Jay E, a teen I worked with, said, “You have taught me a process I can use the rest of my life when I have to make a career decision.” 

Don’t let your teen’s future be uncertain. Partner with me to give them the confidence and skills needed to thrive. Click here to schedule a complimentary College Assessment Plan call today.