A college degree doesn’t have to break the bank: Chart your Teen’s College Success Story.

At a Rotary Club meeting, I recently emphasized the importance of guiding our teens toward identifying the best first career fit. A participant’s heartfelt exclamation, “I wish I had known you when I went to college,” highlighted the challenges she faced, changing her major six times and enduring a prolonged college journey.

The Financial Impact of Changing Majors

Parents of high schoolers must grasp the financial implications if their teens decide to change their college major. On average, students switch majors, sometimes multiple times, extending their time in college and inflating costs. Semesters can range from $13,000 to $26,000, and significant changes may result in the loss of scholarships or financial aid. Extended college years can delay workforce entry, affecting future earnings and career progress. Balancing support for your teen’s passions with financial foresight is paramount.

The Critical Question

Which parent would you rather be—the one with a teen changing majors six times or the one guiding them to graduate in four years?

Tips for Parents:

  1. Keen Observation and Open Communication:

Pay attention to your teen’s interests and activities, fostering open conversations about potential career paths. Please encourage them to explore further through clubs, courses, or community activities.

  1. Leveraging Innate Behaviors and Strengths:

Recognize your teen’s natural behaviors and strengths. Personality assessments and career aptitude tests offer guidance, ensuring your teen’s self-perception remains a priority in career discussions.

  1. Seek Mentorship and Real-World Experiences:

Facilitate opportunities for shadowing, internships, or volunteer work. These experiences provide insights into professions, build networks, and develop essential soft skills.


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