Using social media platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook, teens can interact and share their lives instantly by posting status updates, videos, and photos. They view these platforms as essential tools for social connection and self-expression.

But social media can be a slippery slope. Teens can easily make mistakes in sharing or commenting that can reflect negatively on them. How can teenagers use social media platforms to stand out in a good way, especially to college recruiters and potential employers?

Competition is everywhere – from being accepted to a particular college to getting a scholarship, internship, or a job. Teaching teens how to share their qualities and strengths (both verbally and in writing) is an essential skill that will carry them throughout their life.

Here’s what teens should share on social media to stand out:

  • Who They Are – Have your teen think about their 30-second “elevator pitch” – –  what are the most important things they would want someone to know about them. For example, “I am a high school student curious about technology and how it shapes our world. I love playing sports, spending time with my friends and family, and volunteering at animal shelters.”
  • Their Passion – What topic does your teen talk about or read up on and research all the time? Their passion could be a cause they support or learning about specific topics. Maybe there was a trip the teen took that had a significant impact on them.
  • How They Spend Free Time – share fun, positive experiences. Examples are volunteering, having fun with friends, or attending events at school.
  • Areas of Interest – maybe the teen has their own business or is interested in drawing, martial arts, robotics, etc.
  • Future Goals – what are some careers of interest, and what are their plans after high school?

At My Ideal College, we work with our teen clients to help them create a stellar social media profile. We assess and identify perceptions someone may get based on their posts. Or, more importantly, a potential employer or school recruiter.

We recommend teens use our partner, spikeview, for social media. It’s a fantastic tool that helps teens document and leverage their skills and experiences to get ready for life after high school. Students utilize spikeview to get into college, get hired, and start building their personal network. Just like professionals around the globe need a LinkedIn profile, teens need a spikeview profile to tell their multifaceted story. Check out spikeview here to learn more and create an account. 

Do you want to learn more about how your teen can stand out to college admissions or potential employers? Schedule a complimentary College Assessment Plan call with me here.