Having my daughter work with Laurie was nothing short of amazing. Through Ideal College and the college assessment tool, I was able to get a clear understanding of my daughter’s interests, strengths, and weaknesses. This opened the lines of communication for both she and I because I found out what her passion was versus what she was doing as it relates to college. We were able to discuss the results in greater detail and as a result, she changed her major and is now studying in the area that is well suited for her. Laurie’s attention to detail was very impressive to me as well; because she went through the report and gave my daughter and I recommendations and resources that we both can use to help us both navigate through this process together. Thank you so much Laurie for your warm and cheerful personality and for providing tools and resources for us as well as other students and parents to identify if college is ideal for them; hence saving both the parent and student from any had aches or financial woes. I would recommend My Ideal College to any family to help them identify what’s best decision before going to college.