As teens stand at the crossroads of adulthood, many career and educational options can be exciting and overwhelming. Parents turn to me as a beacon of guidance during this crucial time, where the decisions made now shape the trajectory of a teen’s future success.

Expert Guidance: Unlocking Opportunities

With over two decades of corporate expertise, I bring a wealth of knowledge to the table. Utilizing cutting-edge assessment technology, I’ve coached, hired, developed, and retained employees in roles they genuinely love. This extensive experience keeps me attuned to the ever-evolving job market and educational trends, allowing me to offer informed advice to teens seeking clarity amidst the myriad of opportunities.

Donovan, a happy student, shares his journey:

“I started my plumbing apprenticeship straight out of high school, and every day, I wondered if I could be doing something better. I didn’t know what I wanted to do, and Ms. Genevish helped me through all of it. If you don’t know what you want to do in the future, I would definitely recommend My Ideal College.”

Personalized Attention: Crafting Unique Paths

Recognizing the individuality of each teen, I employ research-backed assessments to uncover their unique skills and preferences. This personalized approach ensures that the career choices align with their abilities and passions, paving the way for a more fulfilling professional journey.

Seamone, a happy parent, attests to the impact:

“I can attest to your work. Joshua is in his sophomore year at SCAD and majoring in game design because of the work you did with him. It provided the direction and guidance he needed to find his path.”

Decision-Making Skills: Empowering Choices

Teens often grapple with significant decisions about their future. I equip them with the tools and techniques to comprehend their decision-making processes, enhancing their ability to choose a career and improving their overall decision-making skills.

Goal Setting and Planning: Shaping Futures

Setting realistic goals and devising a strategic plan to achieve them is a lifelong skill. I guide teens in setting achievable career goals and developing step-by-step plans encompassing education, internships, and skill development, ensuring a well-rounded approach to their professional journey.

Reducing Anxiety and Stress: A Structured Pathway

The weight of choosing the right career can be overwhelming. I provide a structured approach to career exploration, alleviating stress by assuring both teens and parents that career decisions are made thoughtfully and systematically.

Bridge Between Parents and Teens: Harmonizing Aspirations

In the delicate balance between parental expectations and teen aspirations, I act as a neutral mediator, ensuring the career planning process considers both dreams and concerns, creating a harmonious path forward.

Jennifer, a satisfied parent, shares her son’s success story:

“Daniel just started his sophomore year at UNG. Your help with testing to narrow his focus has made all the difference. He had a 4.0 freshman year. He’s majoring in Intelligence, learning Russian, self-directing, making friends, and most importantly, really believing in himself.”

Boosting Confidence: Igniting Self-Assurance

As teens discover their strengths and potential career paths, newfound confidence radiates into other areas of their lives. This self-assurance becomes a cornerstone for academic success and personal development.

In providing a structured and expert-guided career planning approach, I empower students to make informed decisions, ensuring their chosen path aligns with their strengths and interests. Most importantly, I stand as a pillar of support, guiding them through one of the most crucial decisions of their lives with confidence and clarity.

Join me on this transformative journey toward empowered futures.

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