What’s My Career?

As a graduating high schooler, your journey to success starts with choosing the right career path. 

-> Proven Success – The 75% Rule

Research proves that you’ll be three times more successful if your job aligns with at least 75% of what you naturally enjoy doing. Sounds compelling, right?

-> Exposure vs. Expert Assessment

Sure, you’ve explored interests, but thousands of careers exist. Our expert assessments can quickly pinpoint careers that match your unique strengths and passions. 


-> Career Exploration Package

Say goodbye to uncertainty and hello to a clear, exciting path. Many grads end up in jobs unrelated to their degrees. We’re here to prevent that.

-> Smart Decisions = Debt-Free Success

Enrolling in college without direction can lead to student loans and major changes. Imagine making informed choices that save you thousands. 

-> Your Potential Unleashed

With the Harrison Work Preferences questionnaire, we identify your natural strengths and behaviors, opening doors to various career possibilities. We analyze job outlooks, salaries, and education requirements to empower you to make the right decisions.

-> No More Regrets

Don’t be one of those who wish they had guidance from the start. We’re here to make your journey smooth.

-> Empower Your Future

We’re not about limits; we’re about empowerment. Imagine waking up every day excited for work.

-> Ready to Unlock Your Success?

Schedule a complimentary College Assessment Plan call with us today. Your dream career is just a call away. 🌠


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