Let me tell you! Navigating college applications and essays for your high school senior while working full-time plus having other responsibilities is no laughing matter. Before working with Laurie and her team, I was super stressed out about my daughter’s college admissions applications and associated essays. Making sure that she kept on top of those deadlines, including scholarships and grants, was way too much for me, especially knowing how our children don’t always listen to what we, as parents, say to them. I decided to hire Laurie. After hiring Laurie, a HUGE weight was lifted off my shoulders! My daughter was in contact with her and her team throughout the process. She had other adults holding her accountable and guiding her through it all. Game changer for both of us and our household! After working with Laurie and her team, my daughter now writes more effectively, is confident in her college choice, and has up-leveled her communication and event management skills. I couldn’t be happier! If you are where I was, then call Laurie! She’ll make that whole process easy and seamless.