College is a lot more than classes; it’s the atmosphere that your child will be in for their entire college experience. Visiting the campus plays an important part in choosing which college is the best fit for your child. This is the time to visit dorms, offices, classrooms, the town in which it is located and get any questions answered that you might have.

When you visit a college there will usually be a current student or alumni giving you a tour. By doing this, you and your child will receive first hand information on what really goes on at the school. You can ask this tour guide anything related to the academics, sports, clubs and whatever else may come to your mind. That is what they are there for!

Another great perk to visiting a school campus is getting to see the dorms. Most colleges require that freshman live on campus so this is the perfect chance to get a feel for where your child will be living and what their room needs might be. This way, you can also put dorm preferences on your application if applicable!

Next, you and your child should take your own tour around the town in which the school is located. Make sure to find where important places are, such as grocery stores, coffee shops, and walk in clinic because you never know when the flu season will hit. It is important to get your bearings for the area.

If you want to visit a college, you can schedule a time by going to the college website and searching for tours and visits. Additionally, your child’s school office should have a variety of resources on how to get into contact with colleges of your choice. If you did not take any tours during your child’s junior year of high school the fall is the time to take those tours with your now high school senior.