Rachel Towriss

Our son had already completed an Exploratory Studies class at his university and had explored lots of majors, but still did not have confidence in choosing a major and a career path for his future.  Laurie’s use of the Harrison Assessment was a key to his coaching. The assessment affirmed his strengths and abilities and the reports that Laurie shared with him gave detailed information about how his strengths line up with specific careers.  This gave him the confidence to look again at a career that he matched well with and he is excited to have a clear direction for the rest of his academic career and his future after college.  Laurie’s personal approach and one-on-one coaching was very helpful and worth the investment!  We both enjoyed working with Laurie and would recommend her services to students who are wanting to figure out more about their own strengths and specific careers that match up with those strengths to help them find success.

Gina E.

My Ideal College provided my daughter with vital information about careers where she could not only succeed, but also thrive because she’d enjoy what she was doing. Ms. Genevish’s individual attention coupled with the time she took to discuss results and what they mean in the real world was so personalized—that’s not something you find in other places. I’d recommend My Ideal College to anyone planning to further their education.

Ann Karako

My daughter's one-on-one counseling with Laurie took us from "no clue" to a very viable career choice that we both feel good about! I am so impressed with the process and how specific the results of the assessment are. The confidence that comes from knowing we've found something that matches not only my daughter's interests but also how she thinks and interacts is invaluable! Laurie gave us great insight for our particular situation, which was so helpful for narrowing down options and keeping us from second-guessing everything. We've tried other career exploration programs, but the difference here is the detailed assessment/reports and Laurie's expert input. I highly recommend My Ideal College!

Sue Ridge

Eric is really a good kid and I think your evaluations made him feel worthwhile again, so money well spent.

Alicia K.

As a homeschool family we found Laurie's services invaluable when it was time to have our son focus on his plans for the future. We wanted to make the best use of Georgia's Move On When Ready (Dual Enrollment) program. Other career aptitude tests we looked at seemed so generalized and lacking the information we really needed to make an informed decision. The testing and follow up meetings with Laurie helped put our son on the correct path for choosing a college!

Philana Swann

Having my daughter work with Laurie was nothing short of amazing. Through Ideal College and the college assessment tool, I was able to get a clear understanding of my daughter's interests, strengths, and weaknesses. This opened the lines of communication for both she and I because I found out what her passion was versus what she was doing as it relates to college. We were able to discuss the results in greater detail and as a result, she changed her major and is now studying in the area that is well suited for her. Laurie's attention to detail was very impressive to me as well; because she went through the report and gave my daughter and I recommendations and resources that we both can use to help us both navigate through this process together. Thank you so much Laurie for your warm and cheerful personality and for providing tools and resources for us as well as other students and parents to identify if college is ideal for them; hence saving both the parent and student from any had aches or financial woes. I would recommend My Ideal College to any family to help them identify what's best decision before going to college.

Tanya B.

I have been very pleased with having Laurie work with my son. We agreed that he felt “stuck” because he didn’t have a real feel for what he would do with an associate degree in STEM for a future career path which hampered his ability to find a college match. After he completed the consultation and testing with Laurie, my son was surprised at what his interests were best suited for. The assessment opened his eyes to look at fields and career that he would have never even considered (and honestly didn’t know existed) before. My son and Laurie clicked instantly! My son doesn’t open up very easily to just anyone but Laurie’s expertise and personality, transcended time and space during their Skype calls. I’m grateful for the clarity and personal empowerment that Laurie’s consultation instilled in my son in just a couple of sessions.

Emma Busbee

Laurie really helps those who aren't sure what they want their future profession to be or those who don't know what they enjoy doing. It really gave me a clearer insight about what types of jobs I would be happy in and do well in. It also helped me to make a definite list of colleges I would enjoy that also had great programs for professions that I would enjoy. 

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