Best Foot Forward


Applying to college can feel like a drain on your finances. You are going to spend approximately $10,000 just identifying and applying to colleges. Don’t let the essay process stop your teen from getting into their ideal college.
The Best Foot Forward package includes…

  • Access to complete the Harrison Assessment. The questionnaire takes about 20 minutes to complete and will provide your teen with the insights they need to help stand out in their essay.
  • Your Greatest Strengths report which is an ego boost for your child by highlighting what they do best and can reduce the amount of time it takes to write the college essay.
  • Guide to help identify key strengths in the report and apply it to the college essay.


Why Choose this For Your Teen?

Build Confidence…the insights in Your Greatest Strengths report are written in positive language. Your child will recieve pages of ego boosting information about what they do well.

Save Time.…instead of your child spending weeks worrying about what to say about themselves in their essay, in 20 minutes they can have accurate insights on their strengths.

Save Frustration and Fighting… for both you and your teen as they will have useful information to help write their college essay.

Many Uses…Not only can the data you receive be used for college essays, it can also be used for internship or job interviews.

What teens and parents need this package?

Teens who….

  • Think they are not good at anything or suffer from self-confidence issues
  • Have challenges with writing assignments
  • Struggle with expressing themselves
  • Do not know how to articulate what they are good at
  • Parents who are tired of having to nag their teen to get their college essay done.

You have helped your child this far along their journey. It’s time to take the next step toward their success!