Do It Yourself My Ideal College

The Do It Yourself package is perfect for teens who are self-starters, take initiative, and need little guidance.

This package includes:

  • virtual information session to outline the process and provide an overview of the assessment. This is useful because many teens haven’t taken an assessment before or they haven’t taken one that is so individualized and comprehensive. 
  • Access to complete the Harrison Work Preferences Questionnaire. The questionnaire takes about 20 minutes to complete and the results are immediate. The data will save you the time and money of researching on your own.
  • Access to their own Career Navigator Portal and 13 different reports including:
    • Your Greatest Strengths report which provides an ego boost for your teen by highlighting what they do best. This report is a great help with writing college essays. Students can use the report data in their essay and support the statements with real examples. That’s priceless!
    • Career Development report that outlines your child’s overall career strengths and potential areas that might derail their career success. It suggests tasks and work environments, provides insights into interpersonal skills, and highlights motivational factors.
    • Career Options report that matches your teen’s natural abilities with the traits needed to be successful in many different jobs and industries. This is where you and your teen may struggle on your own because your talks about their interests are subjective. This report provides objective data that has been proven to be accurate for  thousands of people.
    • Career Enjoyment Analysis that gives your teen the ability to review data for up to 10 different jobs to gain a deeper understanding of why your teen would be successful in that job and areas that can derail success.
  • The Discover My Ideal College Guide which is a stepbystep guide to help your teen review their Harrison reports and chart out their plans and action steps
  • One 1-hour coaching call with a My Ideal College consultant to answer any questions you and your teen may have. 

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