Are you confused and overwhelmed about what you and your college-bound child should be doing to pick and prepare for their ideal college? This organizer tells you exactly what to do and provides a place to keep track of it all. 

The My Ideal College Countdown Organizer was created for high school students to fill with community service time, award certificates, school activities, and other pertinent information from freshman to senior year. The organizer not only provides a central location for documents, but also offers year-by-year tips to help prepare for the college and scholarship application processes.  

The contents of this organizer include:  

  • One folder each for 9th, 10th, and 11th grades  
  • More in-depth folders for 12th grade
  • Four college folders  
  • Other folders with necessary dates/information to “Present Your Best Self”  

My Ideal College Countdown Organizer saves your time, money, and sanity.

In addition to transcripts, recomendation letters, college essays, and tax forms for finanical aid, most college applications require lists of:

  • All volunteer/community service activities, including date, hours volunteered, and exactly what your child did 
  • School clubs and sports with descriptions and positions held 
  • School activities, like homecoming committee or yearbook staff
  • Awards, from where and when
  • Jobs held with dates, titles, and responsiblities

What is the likelihood that you and your child will remember everything they did throughout their high school years, while under the added pressure of the college application deadline?

Why wouldn’t you want any easy-to-use organizer that tells you what you need to do and gather along the way. It will save your time and sanity!

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“I am so glad I purchased this organizer. I love having one place to keep all the important documents in an orderly manner. Come college application time; we won’t be wonder where items are or when he completed different activities. The organizer is saving me many frustrating hours when it comes time to apply in his senior year of high school.”

– Sabrina G., Parent

“I purchased the College Countdown organizer for our son who just started high school. I absolutely love it! It’s helping him to visualize how he can build up his “resume” for the college application process in a few years and helping both of us to track important details.!”  

Amy D., Parent

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