Frequently Asked Questions

Below are answers to questions we get asked about most.

When is the best time to work with a teen?

Ultimately, their sophomore year of high school is the best time to work with your teen on identifying a career. This gives you and your teen plenty of time to look at different educational options. For example, based on our work, you may decide on dual enrollment or maybe the high school has courses in the career fields that your teen is interested in pursuing.

We also work with juniors and seniors to get them on the right track.

How long does the program take?

Our Career Exploration program takes about 8 – 12 weeks. We meet with the teen for eight sessions via Zoom. There is a little bit of work between each session.

Creating the customized College Plan takes about two weeks for our Take Action program. The essay writing takes two months working with an essay specialist. In the end, they will write 2 – 3 essays.

What career assessment do you use to help identify careers?

We use Harrison Assessments. It is a behavioral-based assessment that matches a person’s natural strengths and interests to specific jobs, ranging from no education to a doctorate degree. Each career in the system has been researched against people in those specific careers. Harrison is based on the Enjoyment Performance Theory, which states that if your job contains at least 74% of what you naturally like to do, you will be THREE times more successful. In 30 minutes, your teen can have clarity on which careers best match to them.

Can we just take the career assessment?

Taking the career assessment is just one piece of the puzzle in determining the best path for your teen. We also help your teen research the job outlook, salary, and education required for the careers they’re interested in. Your teen should also talk to people in those careers and be able to articulate their strengths and present their best self. We teach teens these skills that will carry them throughout their life.

What education options do the teens you work with go into?
The teens we work with have pursued college, trade, and certifications based on their career interests.
How do you pick the colleges for us to choose from?

We have a large database of colleges, both private and public, across the United States. We look at colleges you are interested in and ones you may not know about. It’s all about finding the colleges that fit you and your teen’s interests, goals, and financial needs.