Awhile back, I interviewed Educational Consultant Jim Anderson of Making College Worth It.  One of the biggest ah-ha’s I got from my meeting with Jim was learning about the CSS Profile. I didn’t know about it at all before I met with him.

It turns out for financial aid that some colleges require FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) and some require a CSS Profile. CSS stands for College Scholarship Service. FAFSA provides federal aid through grants and loans. The CSS Profile provides aid through the state and the institution. Jim says typically, the higher end colleges like Duke, Dartmouth, and Harvard use the CSS Profile. You can click here to see the list.

The way the CSS Profile looks at your assets for financial aid is very different than FAFSA. Also, not all schools are the same. While there is one FASFA form that is used across colleges, the CSS Profile is unique to the specific college. For example, one college may include looking at your home equity while another may not.

The biggest tip Jim has is to go to the net price calculator on the prospective college’s website. Inputting your data will give you an idea of how they are looking at your assets to determine need. You can click here to find the Net Price Calculator for any school you are considering.

If your teen is confident of their college major and career path, the next step is finding the right college at the right price. You want to avoid going into debt and dipping into your retirement to pay for your teen’s education.

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