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Meet Laurie Genevish: Your Catalyst for Clarity and Confidence

President and Founder, My Ideal College | Sought-Out Speaker | Educational Consultant

Embark on a transformative journey with Laurie Genevish, a visionary force propelling students and parents toward unparalleled success. As the President and Founder of My Ideal College, Laurie transcends conventional speaking—she crafts experiences that enlighten, inspire, and redefine the roadmap to success.

Featured Speaker Topics

“Three Ways To Avoid College Doubt and Debt”
*  Immerse yourself in innovative strategies that not only shatter doubts but pave a debt-free path to the college experience of your dreams.

“College Planning Made Easy”
*  Uncover the secrets to simplifying the intricate college planning process, turning what seems complex into an    effortlessly navigable journey.

“My Teen Isn’t ‘College Material…Now, What?”
*  Break free from stereotypes and explore alternative paths with Laurie’s empowering insights, transforming uncertainties into opportunities.

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