Finding students passion with reason.

Yes, we want our kids to have a career they love but we also want to be able to live on their own and pay the bills. My Ideal College not only helps teens find careers that they will love but also have the job outlook and salary that will meet their needs. Not only that we teach your student how to network with professionals in their chosen career paths. This could lead to internships and jobs.

Paying for the education.

If your teen’s career requires a college degree, we can help you find the college that is the right fit at the right price. Initially, we start with 10 colleges selected specifically based on your family questionnaires and rankings. We will review those colleges and you will continue the research and provide further input to refine the selection. Based on your family’s finances and the importance of cost, the above colleges will be selected with cost in mind.
Writing College Essay

Meet Laurie Genevish
President & Founder

As a sought-out speaker and educational consultant, Laurie teaches teens and college students how to go from doubt to destiny as it relates to their future. Couple this with her passion for saving parents their time, money, and sanity in the process.

Laurie is on a mission to make the term “student debt” a thing of the past. So many adults have student debt and they aren’t even in the career that brought on that debt. Furthermore, many college graduates are not earning enough money to meet their student loan obligations much less live on their own and provide for themselves.

Spending more than 20 years in the corporate arena, Laurie has used assessment technology for many years to help coach and hire, develop and retain employees in jobs that they love. These companies include Penske, Freshii, Marlin Leasing, and HeatTek. Now she wants to use it to help young adults plan for their future.