I read an article a while back where 67,000 college students from over one hundred college campuses were surveyed. They found that 3 out of 4 college students are stressed. The report lists various reasons for the stress, including:

  • Mounting expectations
  • Evolving self-identity
  • The shock of leaving home for a new place

While going to college will be stressful on some level for all teens, I want to provide guidance to help reduce your high schooler’s stress before they get to college. 

If you have followed me long enough, you know I talk about going to college to get the education you need for the career you want. Yet, so many kids today still attend college without a clear plan. They choose schools just because their friends are going there, or it’s a well-known school, or it’s not far from home. While those are valid considerations in selecting a college, the bottom line is that they still need to graduate with a particular major. Your teen can go as undecided, but they run the risk of not getting accepted right away into their school of choice. That delay could mean more time in college and more money spent. 

More time + more money = more stress.

Your teen could also attend college with a particular major in mind but then realize that it’s not what they truly want to do. This can lead to depression and more stress. I have a friend whose son graduated from Georgia Tech with honors and then realized he would have to go back to school to get the job he really wanted. But, he was tired of going to school and wasn’t willing to go back.

How can you, as a parent, help your teen avoid these situations that can cause stress? 

  • Talk to Your Teen – Have conversations around the dinner table about their interests, find out what YouTube videos they watch, think about the kinds of gifts they request. Having these conversations can help your teen start thinking about their future and creating a plan.
  • Take an Assessment – Have your teen complete an assessment to help them narrow down careers they will genuinely enjoy. Did you know that data and tools are available to help match your teen’s interests to a great career? Many teens I work with tell me they can’t believe how many different careers are out there that would be a good fit for them. How can we expect our kids to choose a career when they don’t even know all the options?

If you’d like to help your teen reduce stress by discovering the best career path, schedule a free College Assessment Plan call with me. To read more about the study, click here.