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All parents want help in saving their time, money, and sanity.

I know I do.

My Ideal College does this by revealing to high school and college students the careers they will love and helping them pick the best major, trade school, or certification.

Do you want to be a parent who hears this from their teen…?

“I want to change my major, which means I will be in college for an additional year.”

“I don’t want to get a career in the field I majored in.”

“I don’t like college and I want to drop out.”

Are you willing to make decisions about college without a clear plan of how your teen’s education will help them after graduation?


You could spend up to $10,000 just researching, preparing, and applying to colleges.

  • SAT/ACT fees and prep courses
  • Gas, airline, hotel, and food expenses for visiting the college campuses
  • College application and admission fees

Then, you will spend another $120,000 over the next four years paying for tuition, room, food, and all the other extra fees.


We use Harrison assessments work preferences questionnaire to identify careers your teen will enjoy.


Research shows if your job contains at least 75% of what you naturally like to do to, you will be THREE TIMES more successful. Harrison technology allows us to match your teen’s interests in jobs, not categories. Jobs in our system include – Film/Television Director, Salesperson, Commercial Diver, Electronic Drafter, Geophysicist, Welder, and hundreds more. There are over 650 jobs in the Harrison system. You can click here to see a sample Career Options report.

After reviewing their questionnaire results, we have the teen research the job outlook and salary for the careers they are interested in. Teens need to know if there are going to be jobs at the salary level they want before they pursue it.


Finally, we have the teen research educational options for that career – college, trade school, or certification.

We offer our process in three different ways. You can choose the option based on the way your teen learns best.



For self-starters.



One-on-one guidance.



For teens who like learning with peers.



  • Clear idea of what careers they want to pursue
  • Job outlook and salary of those careers
  • Institutions that provide the education for those careers
  • Understanding of their greatest strengths and how to utilize them in their college essay and for internship/job interviews
  • Information on where and how to find people to talk top professionals to interview in the careers they are interested in their careers of interest


  • Save time and money when touring colleges by only focusing on the ones your teen should consider
  • Confidence when writing those large tuition checks
  • Peace of mind that your teen has thoroughly researched and considered their options and they have a solid plan

Isn’t your peace of mind about your teen’s future PRICELESS?


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