My Idea College Free Resources

Here are some free resources to help you and your child out as you find an ideal college.

How Your Child’s Interests Can Lead To Their Ideal College helps parents gain insights on how they can help their child identify their interests and turn it into a college and career they love.

The My Ideal College Action Plan is suggested action items to complete so your child can find their ideal college. Research shows writing tasks down and setting due dates increases your rate of success. Keep this list in a place where you and your child will review it every day. The goal is to see your child succeed into their ideal college and their future.

The Informational Interview questions help guide your teen in conversation to learn more about a career they are interested in. These questions are designed for your teen to gain as much knowledge as they can to determine if this career is a right fit for them and the steps to get started.

If your teen isn’t careful of what he or she posts and shares online, it could impact their acceptance to college or in getting an internship. Share our Social Media Cleaning Checklist with your teen to help them make sure their social presence reflects their best. 

You want to make the most of your campus visits. Use our Campus Starter Questions to help you and your teen get the information you need make the best decision.