About Us

Laurie Genevish is passionate about making the process of finding the ideal college easier for parents and their children. She’s the mother of 9th grader Donnie and 5th grader Thomas. Laurie and her husband, Scott, are active in scouts, marching band, and the PTA. And, like you, they want to help their children make the right choices. Laurie learned the hard way about the dangers of not doing research before choosing a college. “I went to college to be a marine biologist because I love being in the water,” she recalls. “When I arrived and found out how much math and science was involved for that degree, I was shocked. These were two subjects that did not come easy for me. Now here I was in college wondering what I was going to do next.” Laurie went on to earn a communications degree and gets to the beach as often as she can.

Laurie spent many years helping companies hire, develop, and retain the best employees in jobs they love. Companies like Penske, Marlin Leasing, and Freshii. She knows what companies are looking for in new hires and college grads. Now she is taking her knowledge and expertise to help young adults.

6 average length of student attending college in years

36,000 average debt of college student

56 percentage of students who drop out in year 6 without a degree

I have been very pleased with having Laurie work with my son as he transitions from community college to a four year college/university. We agreed that he felt "stuck" because he didn't have a real feel for what he would do with associate degree in STEM as far as a future career path which hampered his ability to find a match in a four year college or university. After he completed the consultation and testing with Laurie, my son was surprised at what his skill set was best suited for. The assessment opened his eyes to looking at fields and careers that he'd never even considered (and honestly didn't know existed) before. My son and Laurie, clicked instantly! My son doesn't open up very easily to just anyone but Laurie's expertise and personality, transcended time and space during their Skype calls. I'm grateful for the clarity and personal empowerment that Laurie's consultation instilled in my son in just a couple of sessions. I only wish we had had access to her services when he was still in high school so he could have been guided with a better sense of direction and purpose as he began his college prep several years ago.

Tanya B., Parent