Frequently Asked Questions

How does my child complete the assessment?

  • Your child completes the assessment questionnaire online. It takes 20 minutes to complete. We suggest that your child complete it on a computer versus the phone. This will help make sure they are more focused.

My child has learning disabilities. Will that affect the results of the assessment?

  • We suggest kids who have learning disabilities take the assessment with either a parent, guardian, or My Ideal College consultant with them. They can help answer any questions they have while completing it.

How soon can you schedule time with my child?

  • We have an online scheduler that shows availability and you can book time. Spots get filled quickly. You can schedule up to two months in advance.

Are you available to speak to our group or school?

  • Yes, we have a 1-hour presentation that can be delivered to kids or their parents. We can also deliver our full program to a group of up to 10 kids. Please call 678-761-3550 for more details.

What ages can complete the assessment?

  • Your child must be at least 15 years old to complete the assessment.