Who’s Responsible for Your Child’s College Planning?

I hear from so many parents, “The guidance counselor didn’t help my child much in guiding them on what college to go to.” Or ,“I wish we had you when I went through this with my first child. We didn’t have much help or guidance.”

As parents, we may think it’s up to guidance counselors to show our kids the best path to take. Many parents feel that the school guidance counselor should be doing everything to make sure their child is on track to graduate and show them all their options of what to do after they graduate. They have more information than us about colleges, jobs, etc. So it makes sense, right?

But the truth is…

It’s our responsibility as parents, NOT the school guidance counselor, to help our children plan for their future.

In most schools, there is one guidance counselor for 100+ students. Plus, guidance counselors have many different responsibilities including:

  • testing
  • administering transcripts
  • counseling
  • coordinating with state agencies
  • managing dual enrollment
  • maintaining records

And that’s just a few of the responsibilities. How can we expect guidance counselors to provide enough individual attention to each child? Parents who have been through the college planning process with their child say it’s a full-time job, from 9th grade until graduation.  While counselors have access to all your child’s academic records, do they really KNOW your child?

Plus, there may be opportunities that are better for your child that the guidance counselors are not aware of. Many schools offer career services, but they require more initiative on the student to access. It’s true that counselors and school services can steer your child onto the right path, but their college and career planning is ultimately up to you, the parent.

Don’t make the mistake of other parents by assuming the school is solely responsible for guiding your child through the college planning process. Take the bull by the horn and help your child plan their future. If you need some assistance on where to start, I am happy to help. Send me an email at laurie@myidealcollege.org or give me a call at 678-761-3550.

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